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  1. Warm and smooth overdrive, natural distortion of an overdriven tube amp. Great for blues and rock styles.

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  2. ELECTRO HARMONIX EHX TORTION JFET OVERDRIVEOur flagship overdrive/distortion covers vast tonal real estate and redefines versatility. Like a datab...... Learn More
    199 €199.00
  3. Bass Overdrive Pedal

    Perfect for hard-rock, punk and thrash bassists, Onboard 2-band EQ, Level, EQ, Balance, and Gain controls.

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  4. New Multi-Dimensional Processig

    This is the next generation, creates completely new sounds with this pedal, harmonically rich sound, wor...... Learn More

  5. Distortion Pedal

    Classic Boss Distortion. Really Dynamic Pedal.Tone, Distortion, Level Controls.

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  6. Distortion Pedal

    Old school Distortion, Superb Crunch, classic distortion circuitry with improvements, so it sounds absolutely amazing, ...... Learn More

    110 €110.00
  7. A very compact pedal, the Mooer Green Mile Overdrive has two modes Warm (smooth and creamy tone) and Hot (powerful and crunchy sound).... Learn More
  8. Flexible Distortion Pedal

    Has both, the over-the-top distortion and the light overdrive sound, Level, Tone, Drive, and Color Controls.

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  9. Extreme heavy distortion, sounds just like metal, ultra-saturated sound, dual-gain circuitry, super long sustain. Level, Equalizer, Distortion cont...... Learn More
  10. Guitar Distortion Pedal

    Extreme heavy distortion, designed for metal core style, crushing tone. Level, Low, High, Distortion controls.

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    128 €128.00
  11. Ultra High Gain Distortion

    Killer distortion, durable and resistant case. Level, Gain, and Filter Controls. 9V battery or Power Supply r...... Learn More

  12. The Scarlett Overdrive delivers smooth creamy break up with great front end clarity. A easy to use uncluttered, concise overdrive pedal. Seven Sist...... Learn More
  13. Another Classic from Boss with added Turbo modes. Two Turbo modes. Huge range of timbres, from rock to blues.... Learn More
  14. The classic overdrive pedal that gives the player a subtle boost, crunch or a searing elevation to solos. The active 3 band EQ allows the player to...... Learn More
  15. With all-discrete analogue circuitry the SD-1W delivers a powerful overdrive with excellent response and a new Custom mode that offers a new tonal ...... Learn More
  16. A high gain Metal priestess of the first order. The Ivy Distortion padel is part of the Seven Sister series an innovative rechargeable pedals, they...... Learn More

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