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Floor Multi Effects

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  1. Modeling Effects Processor

    True Tube, 33 different amp models, versatile array of cabinets, and effects, 12AX7 triode vacuum tube, Mix a...... Learn More

    180 €180.00
  2. 259 €259.00
  3. Acoustic Modeling

    Excellent tool to play Acoustic Guitar amplified, model your tone to sound the way you like it, you can leave your gui...... Learn More

    220 €220.00
  4. Includes several modulation effect like Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Rotary, Pan, U-Vibe and Vibrato. Each effect has a norma...... Learn More
  5. Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator

    Powerful pedal, Six simultaneos effects, intuitive scrolling controls, easy to use, 94 different effect...... Learn More

    210 €210.00
  6. Powerful pedal, Six simultaneos effects, intuitive scrolling controls, easy to use, 94 different effects, 22 amp models, incredibly real, with over...... Learn More
    173 €173.00
  7. COSM Multi-Effects Processor, 400 presets memory, Dual LCD, intuitive operation. Effects: distortion, equalizer, delay, chorus, reverb... Learn More
    430 €430.00
  8. Allows you to create almost any tone that you would like, with 94 amps, cabinets, stompboxes, and effects, USB streaming recording, Expression peda...... Learn More
    120 €120.00
  9. The ultimate Guitar Effects Pedal, the G2.1Nu is amazing, with 83 guitar effects, 30 amp models, built in drum machine, pcm sounds, and tuners. It ...... Learn More
    185 €185.00
  10. Powerful COSM guitar modelling. Two PCM synth tones, COSM guitar modelling and normal guitar input at a time. Easy to use, ready to use sounds ...... Learn More

    590 €590.00
  11. True Tube Tone, 200 programs, 33 voiced amp models, 11 Cabinets, 45 Effects, 11 standalone distortions, 15 pedal effects, 4 Delays, 3 Reverb, Noise...... Learn More
    280 €280.00
  12. This incredible Boss floorboard is loaded with effects and amp models, with the COSM engine it produces improved effects sounds, with a natural mus...... Learn More
    350 €350.00
  13. One Hundred Effects, Zoom have been leading the way in muli-effects processors for 25 years now, This is another great processor from Zoom, the G1X...... Learn More

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Floor Multi Effects

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