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  1. Loop Station

    Most powerful loop station in the market. Three-Stereo tracks with dedicated footswitches, fader and controls for each, Exp...... Learn More

  2. Loop Station Pedal

    Up to three hours of stereo recording time. 99 memories. AUX input. USB port to import and export WAV audio. Rhyt...... Learn More

    160 €160.00
  3. Looper Pedal

    Dual Pedal Design, easy to use, intuitive controls, record a total of 90 seconds, 2 independents loops, Undo/Redo Features,...... Learn More

    169 €169.00
  4. Twin Pedal Multitrack Looper

    True Stereo I/O. Up to three hours of recording time. 99 memories, Built-in effects, USB port, Rhythm g...... Learn More

    230 €230.00

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