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  1. Excellent acuracy, chromatic tuner, wide tunning range (31.77Hz to 4022.9Hz), 7-segment LED, 9 LED virtual dial, resistant metal case.

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  2. Pedal Tuner

    Rugged case, pedal tuner for guitar or bass, excellent performance, great accuracy, Chromatic, with LCD display that helps y...... Learn More

  3. LCD tuner with built in metronome, Chromatic tuner, can tune 7-strings guitars and 6-string basses, Accu-Pitch function, Reference Tone Play, Store...... Learn More
  4. World Famous chromatic tuner, Mute/Bypass for a silent tunning, 11-point LED indicators, 7-segments LED shows the note name, Seven tunning modes, 8...... Learn More

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