Hand selected "A" grade solid Sitka spruce top, this folk shaped guitar is an absolute dream to play. It gives off a warm, engrossing acoustic sound yet does not compensate it's size. The Alvarez model is a semi-acoustic cutaway, of which has been hand sanded and complimented with scalloped bracing.

This guitar, like the other Alvarez models of parlour and folk; are a solid instrument. Each model is built specifically to get the utmost use of it's respective components and for them to function properly in terms of output sound and comfortability for the player. Which is a rare thing to find in most affordable guitars, generally they are hastily produced and shipped out to meet specific quantities. The Alvarez models on the other hand treat each guitar as if they were made of diamonds, and respect their players.

The top of the guitar is not ony aestheically pleasing to look at giving the craftsmanship of this guitar, but are strong, durable and stiff allowing a natural reasonated sound to dance inside the body. These guitars are affordable, durable and most of all; an absolute pleasure to play.



At €449, this is one afforadable guitar that will open up your sound.