So you want to buy your first guitar ? But you don’t know where to begin because there are too many choices. It’s very easy to get lost with the different sizes, shapes, colours, or you can even hesitate between an electric or acoustic guitar. Don’t worry just breathe we are here to help.

How Do I Choose The Right Size Guitar:


Guitars just like shoes, come in variety of sizes and it’s important to choose the right size for the player. As a rough guide :

1/2 size: This will suit children up to seven or eight years of age

3/4 size: This will suit kids from eight to thirteen

Full size: These are adult size guitar


Difference between a full size and a 3/4 size:

Please note that age is not as important as height in choosing the right guitar, it’s often best to visit the shop and try them out.

Acoustic guitars come in two main varities both of these have advantages and disadvantages.

Nylon strung guitars known as classical or spanish guitars are softer on the fingers but have a wider neck which can be more difficult for small hands to reach around. These are designed for playing classical music and are not intended to be strummed with a plec. However some schools prefer children to use these as they are cheap and not as loud as steel strung guitars.

Steel strung guitars are much more versatile. They can be played either finger style or using a plec. And lend themselves to a wide range of musical styles. They have narrower necks than nylon strung guitars, which make it easier to form chords. However steel strings can be harder on a beginner’s fingers. If you buy a decent guitar though, this will be less of a problem.

The third choice is the electric guitar. There are a few advantages to starting with this instrument. Fisrtly the strings are not under as much tension as a steel strung acoustic guitar, making it easier on the player’s fingers. They also have a narrow neck making it easy to form chords. The electric guitar can also be much quieter than any acoustic, simply because you can turn the volume down or play through headphones. An added advantage is the versatility of the instrument, it’s capable of producing a wide range of sounds to suit different style of music.


Always feel free to ask any of our knowledgeable staff for advice on 01-8720233.

Whichever type of guitar appeals to you remember to go with something that will make you want to play. Learning an intstrument can be the beginning of a life-long passion, by choosing the right guitar you give yourself more chance of sticking with it.

(Dont forget to get a tuner).