The Cordoba mini-series is a great new line of nylon string guitars that are lightweight and compact with travel in mind, coming with a surprisingly loud voice. The body is nice and small; nearing the size of most baby guitars, but the string spacing uses conventional distance equal to that of a regular sized guitar, which gives the thin u-shaped neck great playability. Also it is quite a deal in terms of the quality and the price. And, with the addition of an included gig bag, this is a great convenient companion for backpacking, road trips, and any other manner of travel.

Mini M

Cordoba Mini M

The Mini M offers a pairing of a spruce top with mahogany back and sides, which offers a warm tone with great mid-range. If you’re looking something that can take a good deal of strumming, then this is a fun choice. I really enjoy the wide fingerboard that lets you get all the chord tones in, and it doesn’t get muddied up in the high end despite the small body size. The bass is clear and present with no buzz, especially when using the A to A tuning (ADGCEa). I really like to use it for strumming chords up through fret 7, as anything higher can get a little bit lost. This is a definite recommendation for a singer-songwriter.

Mini R

 Cordoba Mini R

The Mini R offers a pairing of a spruce top with rosewood back and sides, which really gives you a full sound, from a great deep bass end up to the bright sounding treble that I really love. This great balance from high to low would really lend itself well to a more traditional fingerstyle picking, or a combination of fingerstyle and flat picking. Light strumming accompanied by single note runs can sound brilliant.

Mini O

Cordoba Mini O

The Mini O has a bit more of an exotic sound to it because of its composition of full bodied ovankgol, which is a light weight wood from west Africa that offers a lot of similarities to rosewood, but has a warmer mid-range, with a surprisingly punchy tone. The tone probably gives it an advantage as being the most versatile, with many different styles sounding great on it. Classical, folk, blues; you name it, and it plays well.

Cordoba Cuatro

Cordoba Cuatro

The last we have is the Cordoba Cuatro with a spruce top and mahogany back and sides, which is a little bit different from the other minis in that it more resembles a ukulele, with its tuning of ADF#B, yet the B is an octave lower. The Cuatro is meant to be played in a rhythmical Latin nature as shown by the mahogany tap plate on the face, but with its airy, open sound, you can play some pure sounding open chords.