Due to the resurgence of folk music in the indie scene, more and more artists are moving towards picking up parlour sized guitars. While parlour guitars traditionally had a smaller body size and a neck that joins at the twelfth fret, today they can range in size and features from model to model, but essentially the focus on smaller size still remains. Today, we’ll be comparing the parlour guitars we have in the shop, and determining where their strengths lie.

First up, we have the Hudson HO-SMB parlour-electric.

Hudson HO-SMB

This guitar features a mahogany top, as well mahogany back and sides, all under a high gloss finish. Using mahogany throughout as a tone wood gives it a warm, mellow sound. The highs and lows are perfectly balanced throughout, which makes it easy to strum chords or fingerpick with great clarity. The B-Band A1-2N electronic pickup also makes it convenient to plug in and play amplified.

Next up is the Crafter PL 8/N.

Crafter PL-8/N

This guitar features a solid Engelmann spruce top with Mahogany back and sides, under a high gloss finish. The tone woods here combine for sharp clarity with a real nice middle range, which makes it perfect for the strong strumming of open or barred chords. Despite its small size, it has a huge sounding voice.

Next up we have the James Neligan LIS-P.

James Neligan LIS-P

This guitar sports a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides, under a high gloss finish on the body with a satin finish on the neck. This has the smallest body for a parlour in the shop, which makes for less volume as a result. However, the treble end has a bright ringing quality to it, and keeps a long sustain. While a bit more personal, this guitar is still loads of fun to play.

Last up we have the Seagull Entourage Grand Rustic.

Seagull Entourage Rustic

This one features a pressure tested cedar top with Canadian wild cherry back and sides, under a satin finish. The highs and lows blend really well together, which makes it great for strumming or finger picking. The voice projects clearly and has a pure, older sound to it.