Happy Friday Muzos!


We hope you are lashing along on this lovely Friday in Dublin. We wanted to send a quick newsletter out as it has been a little while, and let you know that we are still filling online orders. Many customers are surprised at how quickly they are receiving their orders. We know that music is the one thing helping to keep you sane as we all quarantine, and practice social distancing. During this difficult time, we are so thankful for good frinds like you. It helps to dull the pain. Well, that and a pint or two.

In any case, we just sailed to the ends of the earth to pick up a large order of strings, and have safely brought them back to Dublin. We wanted to be sure to have the stock that you need to keep writing/playing/singing songs. During our Spring Strings sales event, you can order any single packet of acoustic, or electric strings, and only pay €1 posting. It is our goal that no household in Dublin be without the power of music. As we face these dark days, we can be comforted by the melodies that live in our hearts as we sing them out for all to hear. 

To be sure, the nation of Ireland knows how to drive forward through adversity, and the year 2020 is no different. So we raise our glasses to you, and say thank you again. Rest assured we aren't going anywhere and we are here for you. Ireland isn't Ireland without music. We placed a link below to an article published today on the Royal Academy of Music's site regarding the cláirseach. We found it really interesting. Make sure and give us a ring if you have any questions. Otherwise, we've been selling loads of strings, so make sure and go order yours now at musicminds.ie before we run out again!



Music Minds