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  1. Footswitch

    Momentary footswitch for non-latch operations, like sustaining notes on keyboards or punch in/out on recording gear. Compact ...... Learn More

  2. Power Adapter

    For use with Roland keyboard models

    Learn More
  3. New system, lighter material case, improved trigger response, can be used with mesh head or regular acoustic drumheads, Kensington security lock...... Learn More

  4. Designed to use with keyboards or other Expression-compatible devices, giving a more dynamic and personalized performance to the player, Main Volum...... Learn More
  5. USB Audio Interface

    Two audios input, and output, Mic/Guitar input with Hi-Z switch, low latency ASIO driver, USB bus powered, Cakewalk ...... Learn More

    85 €85.00

    Out of stock

  6. Acoustic Drum Trigger for Toms

    New system, lighter material case, improved trigger response, can be used with mesh head or regular acous...... Learn More

    95.01 €95.01
  7. This 10 Watts highly customizable Amp is perfect for a jamming session, practising, or recording. The Cube Kit App (available for Android and iO...... Learn More

  8. The MICRO CUBE GX features the same ultra-compact footprint, battery-powered operation, and big tone that made the original MICRO CUBE such a massi...... Learn More
    139 €139.00
  9. MIDI Keyboard Controller

    Simple and easy to use, pro-quality. 49 full-sized velocity sensitive keys, lightweight and compact, USB bus po...... Learn More

    159 €159.00
  10. Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier

    5 Watts, Microphone, stereo Instrument, Stereo Aux input, headphones output, Delay, Reverb, Overdrive, ...... Learn More

    165 €165.00
  11. Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier

    5 Watts, just 2.5kg, 3 Channel, built-in mixer, Anti-feedback function, Mic Echo and Reverb Effects, MI...... Learn More

    182 €182.00
  12. Turn your Guitar into a GK Gear

    Includes: double-sided tapes, holder to secure the controller unit, and special attachment plate for ins...... Learn More

    190 €190.00
  13. Voice Transformation just got easy and simple, lo-fi effects, with this voice transformer you can easily and smoothly alter pitch and formant in re...... Learn More
    210 €210.00
  14. Custom-designed Speaker, Eight COSM amp tones, Eight DSP effects, Memory function, i-Cube Line-in iPhone, iPod audio interface. Free Cube Jam for i...... Learn More
    210 €210.00

    Out of stock

  15. Guitar Amplifier

    Stereo, four 4� speakers, 8 COSM amp models, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, and Reverb Effects, Rhythym Guide...... Learn More

    249 €249.00
  16. Guitar Amplifier

    80 Watts of power, 12Ó speaker, 3 Channels, 11 COSM amp models, 8 COSM Effects, Chorus, Phraser, Flanger, Tremolo, Octa...... Learn More

  17. Easy to use, Battery powered (6xAA, up to 15-hous of continuous use), Two 6.5î speakers, Dual Channel, Guitar/instruments and Mic/Line Inputs, 2...... Learn More

  18. Easy to use, Battery powered (6xAA, up to 15-hous of continuous use), Two 6.5"" speakers, Dual Channel, Guitar/instruments and Mic/Line Inputs, ...... Learn More

    315 €315.00
  19. Ideal Amp for guitarist and singer, delivers a clean and natural acoustic sound, dual channel for guitar and microphone, Anti feedback function, 35...... Learn More
  20. Powerful COSM guitar modelling. Two PCM synth tones, COSM guitar modelling and normal guitar input at a time. Easy to use, ready to use sounds ...... Learn More

    590 €590.00
  21. Stereo Portable Digital Amplifier System

    Plug and play, Four 6.5î speakers, Built-in reverb, delay and wide. Four Channel, 2x Mic/Intrum...... Learn More

    699 €699.00
  22. Stage and studio ready synthensizer, the Juno DS-61 is intuitive, easy to use, feature rich instrument. With 61 velocity sensitive keys, 8 phrase p...... Learn More
  23. Portable V-Drum

    Folding design, kick, snare, toms x3, hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals; FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller included, Snare and tom pads f......
    Learn More
    770 €770.00

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