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D Whistles

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  1. Loud and clear tone, Plastic whistle, two pieces, thumb rest, tuneable, Small bore, Key of D... Learn More
  2. Ideal for beginners or as an intruduction to music for children, the tin whistle is easy and fun to play. The Rainbow whistle are tuned in the key ...... Learn More
  3. Tony Dixon Soprano D whistle is a quality instrument made of brass tuned to the key of D... Learn More
  4. Whistle

    Polymer body, ABS head, Soprano/High Whistle, Tuneable, Key of D

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  5. Whistle

    Traditional Tony Dixon Whistle, Great quality, heavy brass, Solid and sweet sound, Tuneable.

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  6. Colorfull and fun whistle, three different tones, Carnival sound.

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  7. Characteristic whistle tone, made of high quality materials, Traditional Irish Whistle, Includ a six language (English, French, German, Italian ...... Learn More

  8. Whistle

    Coloured whistle, clear sound, excellent for beginners, child friendly instrumentKey of D

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  9. Soprano/High whistle, polymer body, one piece, ABS head.... Learn More
  10. Made of extruded (non-conical bore) nickel plated brass to meet high quality requirements the Generation brass whitles deliver a bright clear tone....... Learn More
  11. If you want a souvenier from Ireland or you're starting to play the tin whistle the Feadog is ideal, made with high quality materials it produces a...... Learn More
  12. Tunable Whistle with a warm Sound, easy to play, nickel body, Wide bore, polymer mouthpiece. Key of D... Learn More
  13. Brass whistle, includes Tin Whistle Tour Book, with instructions and songs, and a CD with tunes to accompany you playing. Key of D... Learn More
  14. Whistle

    Traditional Whistle, Excellent quality, Tony Dixon Tradition, easy to play, soft blower, aluminium.

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  15. You can’t go wrong with a Clarke Tin Whistle, Clarke has been making tin whistles since 1843, so you know you can expect a lot from their tin whist...... Learn More
  16. The most economical Clarke whistle, you get the quality and sweet tone of a Clarke whistle for an amazing value. The Meg whistle is made of tapered...... Learn More
  17. Set of four pennywhistles, adjustable tumb rest, buy the pack and save money. 4 keys, Eb, D, C, Bb.... Learn More
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  18. Alto, ABS head, polymer body, tuneable, Key of D... Learn More
  19. Made of extruded (non-conical bore) brass to meet high quality requirements the Generation brass whitles deliver a bright clear tone.The whistle is...... Learn More
  20. Nickel body, Bright tone, easy to play, comfortable, Key of G... Learn More
  21. Tuned in A. The rounded mouth piece makes it comfortable to play.... Learn More
  22. A budget tin whistle in D that is ideal for beginners, children, or as a nice suvenier from Ireland. Made in Ireland with high quality materials, t...... Learn More
  23. Aluminium body, ABS head, Tuneable, Excellent for backing up singers, Solid and traditional tone, Key of A... Learn More
  24. Whistle

    Clear sound, polymer head, aluminium body, tuneable, Key of C

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  25. 2 pieces, adjustable, great for beginners, Black plastic, matt finish.... Learn More
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D Whistles

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