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Hayman Start Series 5-piece drum kit HM-100-BK BLACK


A complete, affordable entry level set up for the student player. This 5 piece acoustic drum kit is unbelievable value for money. With black shells, a height adjustable drum throne, quality cymbals and sticks included, this kit has everything you need.


  • - 6 Ply Metallic Black Shells
  • - Black Rims & Chrome Lugs
  • - Deluxe Snare Throw-off
  • - Drum throne (height adjustable from 50-63 cm)
  • - Single Braced Stands


  • - 22" Bass Drum (47cm Deep)
  • - 12" tom (25cm deep)
  • - 10" tom (23cm deep)
  • - 16" floor tom (37cm deep)
  • - 14" snare drum (16cm deep)


Cymbal Starter Pack

  • - 14" & 16" Quality Hammered Cymbals (these cymbals are way beyond what you would expect to see on an entry level kit)


Hardware Pack

  • - Snare stand Hi-hat stand Cymbal stand Bass drum pedal Drum throne
  • - Includes pair of drumsticks.


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