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Studio Haedphones

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  1. Professional Studio Headphones

    Over ear, Semi open, Varimotion 30mm XXL Transducer, self adjusting headband, Great sound quality, Extrem...... Learn More

    185 €185.00
  2. Professional Studio Headphones

    On-ear, semi open, Optimised for single-ear use, Varimotion 30mm transducer, Self adjusting headband, Fre...... Learn More

    185 €185.00
  3. On Ear Headphones

    Professional quality, high attenuation of background noise, perfect for mobile monitoring, resistant, works well in lo...... Learn More

  4. Professional Studio Headphones

    Over ear, Closed, Auto-mute feature, self-adjusting headband, Excellent bass response, Really comfortable...... Learn More

    205 €205.00
  5. Studio Headphones

    On Ear, Semi open, single ear use optimised, self adjusting headband, Excellent sound quality, Great Comfort, Frequenc...... Learn More

    110 €110.00
  6. Professional quality, high attenuation of background noise, perfect for mobile monitoring, resistant, works well in loud environments, comfort...... Learn More

  7. Active Bass Headphone

    Plug it direct into your bass, Excellent for musicians on the go, or not disturbe people around you, 16-Hours of b...... Learn More

    125 €125.00
  8. Large Diameter Speaker, Comfortable, Flexible, Replaceable Earpads, Folds up for easy transport.Plug with locking nut, high power input: 3500mW.... Learn More
    19.99 €19.99
  9. Hi-performance 40mm dynamic drivers for perfect audio quality

    adjustable headband and soft cushions for extende...... Learn More

  10. Top Line model, clear and transparent sound, high performance transducer, designed for long period of listening, really comfortable, 40mm Driver, F...... Learn More
  11. Perfect for monitoring aplications, comfortable, closed ear desing, excellent isolation, 40mm drivers, ultra thin Mylar diaphragms, Frequency respo...... Learn More
    35.01 €35.01
  12. Allows you to enjoy digital quality music wirelessly and convert between music and phone calling mode freely.

    S...... Learn More

  13. Excellent Quality, self-adjusting headband, comfortable, open ear desing, maximum isolation, Professional Studio quality, Frequency Response: 10Hz-...... Learn More
    35.01 €35.01

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Studio Haedphones

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