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Audio & Midi Interface

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  1. USB Audio Interface

    Stereo Line Input, Two Hi-Z Guitar/Bass Input, 48V phantom power, No drivers necessary for Mac and Windows, Two XLR/...... Learn More

  2. USB Audio Interface

    Two audios input, and output, Mic/Guitar input with Hi-Z switch, low latency ASIO driver, USB bus powered, Cakewalk ...... Learn More

  3. Audio Interface

    Excellent for Computar based Recording, The complete kit, Mixer Functionality, Easy to use, Mic-Preamps, Switch between ...... Learn More

    155 €155.00
  4. AudioBox iTwo, HD7 Headphones, M7 Mic, S1 Artist ... Learn More
    260 €260.00
  5. AudioBox USB 96, HD7 Headphones, M7 Microphone, Studio One Artist... Learn More
  6. POD Studio™ UX2 combines the stunning sounds of POD Farm™ 2 plug-in with a powerful USB interface... Learn More
  7. The Presonus Music Creation Suite is the ultimate pack for a home studio, including everything you need to be creative with your music or podcasts....... Learn More
    285 €285.00
  8. AudioBox, 2 Mics, HD7 Headphones, S1 Artist w/ mounts & cables... Learn More
  9. POD Studio™ UX1 combines the stunning sounds of POD Farm™ 2 plug-in with a powerful USB interface. ... Learn More

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Audio & Midi Interface

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