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SAMSON MDA1 Direct Box


Samson's MDA1 Mono Active Direct Box combines excellent sound circuitry with durable, road-worthy construction to provide high-quality signal connection solutions for live sound and recording studio applications. Using the MDA1's phantom or battery-powered operation, your guitars and basses may send clean, balanced lines.

The active MDA1 gives a stable frequency response regardless of the output impedance of the audio source you connect to. Because passive pickups have exceptionally high impedances, the MDA1 is ideal for connecting instruments with them because it preserves the top end of the instrument's frequency response.

The MDA1's Thru jack allows you to send the audio signal from the input to an amplifier or monitor without altering the original audio.

The MDA1 is housed in a 14-gauge steel chassis and is designed to withstand the rigors of the toughest live tours. The MDA1's durable external shell protects its internal connections, switches, and solder joints from harm, ensuring the device's reliable, silent functioning.



  • - All-metal, impact-resistant design
  • - 2-position 0dB/-15dB attenuation switch
  • - Ground Lift switch
  • - 1/4" Input and Thru
  • - Balanced XLR output
  • - 48V Phantom and 9V Battery power options
  • - Frequency response of 18Hz–35kHz
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