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The strings are one of the most important parts of any stringed instrument.

We have strings for a wide range of instruments, acoustic or electric guitar, bass, violin, banjo, mandolin, ukulele and more.

Choose a heavier gauge strings for heavier sounds, drop tuning, or for heavy picking, great for metal or jazz, and light gauges for easy and fast playing, and more versatile sound, great for floyd rose bridges as well.

Nylon Strings are for classical guitars or ukuleles mostly, they have a mellow and soft tone, they are soft to the touch.

Bronze Strings produce a clear and ringing tone, but age easily. Phosphor Bronze, deliver a warmer and darker tone, but still crisp, they last longer than bronze. Brass strings have a bright and metallic sound. Polymer-coated strings are more durable and have a longer life span.

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