The Blackstar 3 Watt Mini Amp is a compact, innovative mini amp with a big tone. The Blackstar is so light and petite, that it can sit on a table without taking up space, thanks to it's 3" speaker.

The Blackstar 3 Watt Mini Amp comes with a clean/overdrive channel, 4 easy to use dials that comprise of gain, volume, EQ alongside a digital "Tape" delay. The full range speaker comes equipped with the availability to let the user plug their phone or MP3's in and use this little amp as an external speaker. The sound isn't compromised and gives off a crisp, full sound.

The amp itself has a solid built design. The controls are smoothly accurate, with the clean tone being nicely responsive, dynamic with a complimented overdrive that doesn't come across as harsh to the player's ears. 

 In addition to the clean and overdrive setting, the Blackstar 3 Watt Mini Amp comes with a tape delay effect which is a very appreciated feature as most players like to have an ambient sound when playing. It can be easily personalised and gives off a very good output considering the size of this amp.


For €73, this compact little amp is a must have for players and music lovers.