The VOX VT-40+ is a wide range valve amp of which has been a tried and respected compliment for guitar players world wide. VOX have built their reputation as being study, durable and indeed diverse amps; and diverse is the keyword when it comes to their sound!


This AMP goes from super clean all the way up to the full tilt of high gain and metal preamp settings. The gentle preset of 'clean' which can be complimented by the fantastic range of 11 pedal effects (from touching chorus to ethereal reverb) all the way to a 'nu-metal' preamp is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing this fantastic and varying valve amp.

There is a sound for musicians influenced by different genre styles. Can it do jazz? Yes. Blues? Not a problem. Heavy distortion? Of course


The tube tone is pumped through a 10" VOX speaker, while the user-friendly control set makes personalising the sound that suits YOUR style is what makes the amp stand out as its own. 


The VOX VT-40+ is the guitar player's amp, a perfect compliment. 

We sell this range at the afforadable price of €198