The Yamaha P115 is a fantastic choice of digital piano for anyone who is looking for a professional sound and feel from their instrument. The Yamaha P115 is a full sized keyboard with both sensitive and weighted keys, giving the player a driving edge in terms of performance. There are keyboards out on the market that can feel quite plastic and light, loosing the authentic feel and play of an acoustic piano. The Yamaha P115 is the polar opposite. This keyboard feels and plays like an acoustic piano.

The black keys are a lovely matte finish, which prevents them from getting slippery.

Like every other electric keyboard, The Yamaha P115 comes with a range of preset effects. What sets these effects away from the choppier and in some cases; harsher tones of other more 'commerical' products (like a begginer's Casio for example), is the fact that they feel warmer to listen to, engrossing the player in an inviting wall of sound of which compliments the style of playing.

 With beautiful sound, authentic feeling and superb levels of touch sensitivity; The Yamaha P115 is the instrument for the sought-after pianist looking for an electric keyboard that feels, plays and sounds like an acoustic piano.


We retail this beautiful keyboard at €666 euro.