Electric/Electro-Acoustic Guitars

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Electro Acoustic Guitars

Weather for gigging, busking, or recording the ability to plug in your acoustic guitar can transform it into a very versatile instrument. We have Electro Acoustic Guitars with great pickups system, with built in tuners, and equalisers.

We are also a Fishman Dealer, Fishman are world renowned for their top quality pickups and pre amps systems.

Music Minds offers you a extensive Acoustic Guitar selection. Do you want a guitar for beginners? We have it. Are you a singer and want an instrument to accompany you? We have it. Are you a professional and want a high-end Acoustic Guitar? Guess what, we have it.
Our stock includes manufacturers like Yamaha, Crafter, Hudson, Alvarez, James Neligan, Lag, Ashton, Washburn, Seagull, Woodstock and more.

We have various shapes and sizes, half size, 3/4, full size, Dreadnought, Grand Auditorium, Orchestra, Folk, Jumbo, choose the one that you love.

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